Please use this form to submit an appeal of revocation based upon Section 11.12(b)1 to seek reinstatement of your NFPA credential. There is no fee for this form, but please note that this form does not take the place of your renewal submission

Once your appeal has been reviewed, NFPA headquarters will be in touch with the outcome of your appeal (usually within 4 weeks) and inform you of next steps, if any.

· Appeals submitted between sixty days and six months past the credential expiration date will be reviewed by the Certification Standards Committee.

· Appeals submitted more than six months past the credential expiration date will not be considered. 

Final decisions issued by the Certification Standards Committee may be appealed in writing to the NFPA Board of Directors within thirty (30) days of the Committee's decision. Appeals submitted afther the date will not be considered.

The appellant has the right to submit a request for binding arbitration within sixty (60) days of the date of the notice of denial of appeal. Requests for arbitration must be filed with the Seattle Washington office of the American Arbitration Association pursuant to its Commercial Arbitration Rules, along with the appropriate fee, to the following address:

American Arbitration Association

100 S. Fifth Street, Ste 1900

Minneapolis, MN 55402

Telephone: 612-332-6545


Arbitration applications and rules may also be obtained at the above address.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.