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  • Purpose: The award recognizes outstanding achievement in promoting NFPA's paralegal certification exams.

    Nomination Process: Any NFPA member may nominate its Paralegal Certification Ambassador for the award by submitting a letter of nomination, providing evidence of all the marketing efforts made by the Ambassador and/or the Association in the previous year. The nomination must be specific as to dates with respect to accomplishments, projects or any other information submitted. It should answer the questions posted in the Eligibility/Criteria for Selection section below. Self-nomination for this award is not accepted.

    Eligibility/Criteria for Selection: This award is presented to a Paralegal Certification Ambassador of an NFPA member Association.

    The criteria are based on the previous calendar. Activities, projects and/or accomplishments, whether started and/or finished in said time frame, will be considered. Consideration is given for:

    20%: Utilization of the Paralegal Certification Ambassador Program


    • Has the Association appointed a Paralegal Certification Ambassador?

    • Has the Association sent its Ambassador or other representative to the NFPA Paralegal Certification Ambassadors' Conference?

    • How effective has the Ambassador been?

    • Any other evidence presented by the nominator.

    20%: Assisting members by helping them prepare to take PACE or PCCE


    • Has the Association formed and mentored study groups?

    • What is the percentage of members who have participated in study groups?

    • Has the Association sponsored any PACE or PCCE Overview Seminars or other seminars geared toward helping their members prepare for either exam?

    • Has the Association encouraged participation in the PACE or PCCE Review Course or overview seminars?

    • Any other evidence presented by the nominator.

    20%: Participation by individual members in PCCE and PACE


    • What percentage of the Association’s members have taken either the PCCE or the PACE exam and what percentage took their exam during the previous calendar year?

    • What percentage of local Association's board members have taken either exam?

    • Any other evidence presented by the nominator.

    20%: Marketing the PACE and the PCCE exams within the Association


    • Has the Association provided its members with exam information?

    • Has the Association marketed the PCCE and PACE Review Course, study groups, overview seminars and other preparatory materials?

    • Has the Association printed articles in its newsletter promoting NFPA's paralegal certification exams?

    • Has the Association visited schools to promote NFPA's paralegal certification exams?

    • Has the Association solicited vendors to sponsor an exam scholarship?

    • Any other evidence presented by the nominator

    20%: Marketing the PCCE and PACE exams to other members of the legal community


    • Has the Association made exam presentations to employers or assisted paralegals in such presentations?

    • Has the Association submitted articles regarding the NFPA certification exams to bar association(s)?

    • Has the Association met with the bar association(s) to promote NFPA's certification exams?

    • Has the Association educated and promoted the NFPA certification exams to the judiciary?

    • Any other evidence presented by the nominator.

    Award Presentation: The award is a commemorative plaque for the winning Certification Ambassador.
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