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Background: NFPA and a selected sponsor may award one PCCE scholarship each year, if sponsorship is obtained to cover the costs of the scholarship.


a. All applications must include:

  • A complete Application for PACE/PCCE Scholarship, with all required questions answered and information provided.
  • An essay of 4 pages or less on a topic to be determined by the Vice President and Director of Paralegal Certification. Essays must be double spaced, typewritten, and provided in no less than a 12-point font. Margins must be 1 inch on all sides. Each page of the essay must include a header with the applicant’s name. Each page must be numbered as page _ of __.
  • Affirmative acknowledgment and agreement by the applicant attesting that they meet the eligibility requirements for the specific exam scholarship they are applying for; and that they agree to take the exam within six (6) months of receipt of the scholarship, complying with the payment and reimbursement policies outlined below.

b. No application will be considered without all components included.

Basic Eligibility Requirements: The criteria listed below may be utilized in selecting scholarship


a. Must meet PCCE eligibility requirements.

b. Must agree to agree to take PCCE within six (6) months of the scholarship award.

c. Prior unsuccessful attempts to take PCCE will not cause the applicant to become ineligible for the scholarship award.

PCCE Award Criteria: The Judges will review applications based on the following criteria and

weightings which were determined by the NFPA Board of Directors:

a. Application – 25%

b. Education or experience performance – 10%

c. Essay – 50%

d. Miscellaneous other criteria (might include financial need, whether the applicant’s employer will reimburse for costs associated with PACE/PCCE) –15%

At the direction and under the name of the Vice President and Director of Paralegal Certification,

Headquarters will send letters to applicants who did not receive the scholarship.

Disqualification: Applicants may be disqualified for any one of the following reasons:

a. Conviction of a felony or comparable crime as defined by an individual state that does not have felony designations.

b. Currently under the suspension, termination, or revocation of a certificate, registration of a certificate, registration or license to practice by a professional organization, court, disciplinary board or agency in any jurisdiction.

c. Falsification or misstatements on any part of the Scholarship Application or plagiarism of any part of the essay.

d. Failure to meet the PCCE eligibility criteria or dishonesty in the affidavit accompanying the application.

e. Failure to comply with the instructions or guidelines for completing the scholarship application.

NOTE: Applicants will not be disqualified for prior unsuccessful attempts to take PCCE.


a. If the scholarship recipient does not meet PACE/PCCE eligibility criteria, the scholarship shall be forfeited.

b. If the scholarship recipient is unable to use the scholarship, they must notify the Vice President and Director of Paralegal Certification immediately but no less than 30 days before the deadline to use the scholarship. In the case of default by the original scholarship recipient, the applicant with the next highest score from the Judges shall receive all previously unused benefits of the scholarship, if one exists.

c. In the event that a PCCE Scholarship recipient does not either (a) use the scholarship in the six months from being awarded the scholarship for any reason, or (b) fails to notify the Vice President and Director of Paralegal Certification of the inability to use the scholarship at least 30 days before the deadline to use the scholarship, that person shall be ineligible to reapply for the scholarship.

d. Should the Scholarship Committee determine that no eligible candidates meet the requirements to award the scholarship(s) for a given year; the Committee will notify the VPDPC, who will determine the appropriate disposition of the sponsorship funds.

Award: Provided that sponsorship is obtained, NFPA will award one (1) PCCE Scholarship which will include the following:

a. The PCCE Exam fee, the PCCE Study Manual; access to one attempt on NFPA’s online practice exam (currently only offered for PACE) or a $50 credit towards NFPA webinars; and enrollment in the online review course of the sponsor’s choosing.

*Note - scholarship recipients may not receive any scholarship funds as a reimbursement for PCCE expenses incurred prior to the scholarship award date or in violation of these procedures.

b. A copy of the winning essay(s) will be provided to the Sponsor(s) of the scholarship. The essay(s) will be reprinted in the National Paralegal Reporter, when space can be allocated. The winning essay(s) shall become the property of NFPA and the recipient(s) shall surrender any claim to the ownership of said essay upon acceptance of the scholarship. The recipient's name will be announced in the National Paralegal Reporter and the News You Can Use publications, press release(s) and other marketing materials as determined and created by NFPA for the purposes of promoting the scholarship and NFPA’s certification programs.

c. The recipient(s) will receive a certificate provided by NFPA.

d. The PCCE Review Manual shall be shipped to the recipient within 30 days of the award. *Note, if the recipient is determined ineligible or is unable to use the remainder of the scholarship benefits (sit for the exam), the recipient must return the Review Manual to the NFPA offices at their own expense within 30 days of notification of same or will be invoiced the full price of the Review Manual and shipping costs.

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